Legend of the Kissing Rock

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Long ago, this was a secret spot for a beautiful Native American Princess on her path through the piney woods. Often the Princess would rest on the rock and slip into tender daydreams, pondering her future life. One day a handsome young Warrior searching for a silver feather passed along the same path. He had been told a silver feather would bring him true love. When he came upon the Princess he was so enchanted by her beauty he stopped still, completely forgetting his quest. Taking a chance, the Warrior approached the beautiful maiden. “My Princess,” he said, and kissed her. “My Warrior,” she replied, and kissed him right back. He never heard the snowy owl soaring above the trees or saw the silvery feather drifting through the leaves near the rock as they kissed.

The Warrior and his Princess shared many happy years together under many silver moon. Since then, through the ages, young men bring their sweethearts to this spot to steal kisses hidden among the trees. If they are lucky, a silvery feather drifts through the leaves and they have found true love. If not, they still enjoy the pleasure of a stolen kiss in the legendary Kissing Rock.

The Kissing Rock is located in the left side of the Campground, across from the fishing pond near the Pine Grove area.

Kissing Rock 1

Kissing Rock 2